Change comes to everyone...sometimes by surprise, but never without purpose. I have been in business for myself for more than 20 years and leading teams since I could talk. I have achieved success and at the same time often felt alone in the everyday challenges of leading teams, scaling businesses and raising children. Entrepreneurship, parenting, and ministry have been the crucibles of change and character-building in my life. 

They have forged resiliency, hope and grit. Maybe for you, too? 

When change has come (even if it was expected) I have handled it, but often I have fought my way through it. That process of change has produced some of the most substantial growth in my life. The real power to navigate change has come as I have started integrating my strengths, values and vision across every part of my life-home, work, ministry. Surprisingly (not surprisingly), this same kind of integration has produced resiliency in my heart and courage in my leadership as the waves of change continue to crash on the shores of life.  

I believe that great leaders know how to get support. They know when their capacity is low. They know how to dig deep and make it happen or find someone who can. They are resourceful. You are resourceful. I delight in walking alongside leaders and helping them through seasons of change. You don't have to just survive it! 

You can actually thrive.

I have a B.A. in Communications, am certified as a Leader to Leader ™ Coach Facilitator and a Strengths Champion™ (trained by the first Gallup Strengths Certified Coach) and am pursuing an ICF Coaching certification.  I have been a Midwest red-head all of my life and frequently dream of moving closer to the equator. I currently live in Wisconsin where my husband and I are raising our 7 children. Everyday is an adventure and when times get challenging, I often hear the whisper in my head to "look up." There is always good to be found, and hope is revived when our perspective can shift.

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