Is Coaching My Next Step?

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What coaching is all about

There's a difference between counseling, consulting and coaching. Find out why coaching has the power to help you change your life. 


Why the program is unique

This program takes some of the best self-leadership tools and integrates them into a powerful formula that produces clarity, confidence and momentum.


How resourcing yourself helps your family

You aren't just trading money for time.  You will be accelerating your own success by investing  in coaching. Your growth affects everyone you influence!


What extra bonuses are included

As members of the 5 Day Reset, you have the opportunity to gain a few extras when you sign up as a client!  

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"Working with Heidi has been so helpful to navigating a season of life that holds many changes and big decisions in my business. Her calm demeanor and thoughtful listening create a safe place to process what’s before me, and her questions always get right to the heart of the matter. She challenges me to think bigger, encourages me to stay true to who I am, and cheers me on every step of the way. If you’re looking for a coach to help you navigate a season of change, Heidi is the best one that I know of!"


Maybe you need more than 5 days to reset.

I trust you are feeling better than you did at the beginning of the 5 day reset, but perhaps the work of renewal stirred some things in your heart.  Maybe you uncovered a deeper desire to know your strengths, or understand your purpose. 

Maybe you saw a glimmer of the new you, but in the face of all your day-to-day it seems like to much work to press forward toward your wanted future. I have been there!  Prayer, personal growth and coaching were the tools God used to help me step into that next place of promise.  They can be for you, too!


A couple of years ago, in the messy middle of life...

I was struggling hard to have hope. I'd get a glimmer of the person I thought I might become, but then I'd sink right back down into the fear and discontent and the "why bother" trying. I felt so buried, stuck and resigned.  I felt like all my choices had somehow put me on a path to a place I didn't want to go. Fear crept in daily, and I was feeling suffocated from the rehearsal of my unwanted future.  

But then, I got sick and tired of feeling helpless and hopeless.  I decided I could actually make some changes. I started dreaming about what might be possible. I focused on developing my strengths again, not just as a mom, but as a wife and entrepreneur. Things changed as I started taking action.

You can change things, too!  It's my delight to come alongside Christian woman and help them grow and succeed by integrating their lives. New hope and strength is born when we bring the best of ourselves to our relationships, our parenting and our work.