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The Integrated Life

Find more freedom.
Grow more confidence.
Feel more peace.

It's hard to keep it all together when the demands of life start pressing in.

Succeeding in business while raising a family is a beautiful paradox of freedom and responsibility. It can feel carefree one minute...like strolling along, playing on the train tracks.  And the next minute it can feel like you are trying to out run a freight train while sprinting across a railway bridge!  

How many times have you said or thought...

Why did I think this was a good idea?
"They" were right.  I guess I can't do this.
When do I get off this merry-go-round?
I can't possibly get this all done.
I'm in way over my head. 

I help leaders like you do business and family well.  

Some people even call us crazy. And I guess in a way, they are right.  We are...

Crazy enough to have a dream.

Crazy enough to trust God with our callings.

Crazy enough to believe that there is room for both business and family.

But sometimes, the weight of all we’ve been called to can feel like a burden instead of a blessing. 

Sometimes, in living the dream, we lose our way and get stuck in a cycle of hustle, exhaustion and guilt.


How do you get unstuck and live the life God has called you to?

You don't need another lifehack, degree or app.  You don't need to quit your marriage or quit your job or quit your kids. 

The secret to more freedom, more confidence and more peace is found in learning to lead from the inside out.  Learn to live The Integrated Life TM  and connect the best parts of you to everything God has called you to...you'll be unstoppable!

What's "The Integrated Life"?

Work With Me

I help business leaders and their people show up consistently more engaged, productive and healthy.




What would your life look like?

Just think for a minute...how would it feel to have the success without the burnout?  How would it feel to own your God-given ambition without the guilt? How would it feel to have peace in the chaos and be fully present?


What would your team look like?

How would it feel to have productivity without the drama?  How would it feel to have engaged employees who work from a place of strength vs. nit-picking weakness? How would it feel to have tools that navigate change, create boundaries and manage the overwhelm of leading people? I'd love to chat about how to grow your team to be more productive, engaged and healthy!


"The Strengths workshop was upbeat, positive and beneficial! I was able to discover and truly understand my strengths and how to apply them. Her training transformed my mindset from 'deficit-focused' into a more 'positive-focus' when overcoming stressors in my life. The training and coaching I have received from Heidi is invaluable!"

Erin Crawford, Co-founder + Creative Director
Ontogeny Marketing & Design

"Heidi's coaching takes me to the top of my leadership game, which has positively transformed the teams and people I lead. I don't think I could picture doing ministry without it! Her coaching is a game changer."

Jordan Balk, Worship & Fusion Pastor
Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

"With Heidi's coaching, I experienced a transformative AHA moment as we uncovered the real stumbling block that was holding me back from success. Six months later, my business has tripled! I know others working with Heidi will benefit from her wisdom and insight."

Deborah York Salisbury, CEO + Founder
ContentFresh LLC

"I’ve been working with Heidi as my executive coach for about a year and a half. Heidi is energetic, insightful and incredibly professional. She has been my sounding board, and guided conversations that have resulted in greatly improved vision and professionalism for me and my leadership team. We are a much better company since we started working with Heidi! "

Mike Carter, CEO
Bushmans' Inc.

"Working with Heidi has been so helpful to navigating a season of life that holds many changes and big decisions in my business. Her calm demeanor and thoughtful listening create a safe place to process what’s before me, and her questions always get right to the heart of the matter. She challenges me to think bigger, encourages me to stay true to who I am, and cheers me on every step of the way. If you’re looking for a coach to help you navigate a season of change, Heidi is the best one that I know of!"

Jasmine Crandall, Finance + Operations Manager
Telling the Truth Inc.

"The training was very insightful. Her Story Workshop helped me to see trends in my life and move forward with better clarity. The value that she brought was helpful to my career and my personal life!"

Marci Walker
Walk-Era Farms

"Heidi helped me to recognize and celebrate my strengths rather than criticize my weaknesses. I left feeling empowered to be ME! Loved her style - creative, positive and personal - delivering detailed content while engaging people on a deeper level. The learning has already helped me bring more value to my team and leverage my strengths!"

Laura Boismenue, Curriculum Coordinator + Lead Teacher
Oaks Academy

3 Ways to Choose Calm Over Crazy

Work/life rhythm upset? These three powerful pauses can help you reset.

Work. Home. Demands. 

The chaos is inevitable.
But crazy is a choice.

This one-sheet download has the power to help you choose calm over crazy.... even in the midst of your work/life chaos.  Download it now while you take a deep breath.



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