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Refresh & Refuel

This year has been a wild ride and so many are trying to just make it through until life "gets normal again".  But, what if we are still months away from that kind of resolution? Do you have the stamina to stay strong? 

God teaches us to rest and spend time with Him in order to walk steadily in faith. Even the best athletes know the power of rest and fuel.  It's the secret to surviving and thriving even in the midst of intense seasons!  Join us for 5 days and create some faith-fueled energy, stability, and clarity in your life so that you can finish well in 2020.

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starting october 26

what to expect each day

Each day at 5:00 a.m. (CST) an email will arrive in your email box with a link to the daily refreshment.  It will contain a link to a 15 minute video training, corresponding scripture and printable worksheet.  

At 8:30 p.m. each night, there will be a giveaway during our LIVE Q & A session.  Can't wait to refresh and refuel with each of you so that we can finish well in 2020!

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day 5


is this 5 day reset for me?

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and uncertain....if you are exhausted and aren't sure how you'll make it through the holidays.  This reset is for you!  If you are floating along pretty well and have some positivity and hope to share....this reset is for you, too! We need to come together to regroup, build faith and inspire hope in ourselves and others.  

what's the content like?

Each day you get a short video training based on a Biblical truth and a leadership tool.  A downloadable PDF for each day's activity is also delivered to your inbox. The private FB group is a place to share your learning and get energized with others on the same journey.

can i invite my friends?

Absolutely!  Part of combating discouragement and hopelessness is building community.  We weren't designed to do life alone. Ditch isolation and bring some people along with you to refresh!

countdown to the 5 day reset !

Join now and start making some space to refresh and refuel.