Pray + Plan 

Join us for the day, Friday, August 12!
9:00 am-3:00 pm | Wausau, WI

What would happen if you created space to seek God, connect with other like-minded women and developed a 90-day plan for showing up in your business, ministry and family? 

What if you created priorities, boundaries and goals that were in alignment with your season before you were in the thick of it wanting to quit your kids, your husband, your business, your job or all of them!?

You can do that this August! Beautiful things happen when you make the time to Pray + Plan.  Join us!

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What's the goal for the day?

I want you to walk away with a deep exhale, a confidence that you can do what God has called you to do.  I want you to have a plan that is flexible and totally aligned with who you are in Christ.  And I want you to feel supported and encouraged by a community of other like-minded women.

How will we renew and reset?

Our goal is to intentionally renew and reset for the next 90 days (microseason) of business and family that we can be fully present and readily adaptable no matter what comes our way. We will:

  • Clarify what matters
  • Define your actual capacity
  • Determine time and energy boundaries
  • Set goals that are in alignment with your values and your capacity
  • Create a 90-day plan with priorities, projects and themes for the season
  • Pray over your business and for each other

Is this event for me?

  • Are you raising kids AND growing your business or ministry at the same time?
  • Do you believe God has called you to work both inside and outside of your home?
  • Do you have a God-sized vision and want to access the power of God to make it happen?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of those questions, this event is for you!  

How much would you invest?

If you could spend a day praying and planning and walk away with new freedom and peace, how much would that be worth to you

For me, it's always hard to set aside a whole day to do anything!  But, in the last few years, spending this one day intentionally focused on God and His direction for my business and family has helped me be more grounded, more present and more adaptable as I navigate life in business and family.

This opportunity will cost you $147 and only 6 hours of your life!  But, it will give you:

  • freedom from the tyranny of the "do more" voice
  • peace in your heart and mind about showing up present
  • clarity of mind about goals and expectations
  • and treats! coffeehouse pastries and a delicious catered Vino Latte lunch


Where will we meet?

The day-long event will be held at the Entrepreneurial and Education Center100 N 72nd Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401.  It's a lovely space, right off of Highway 29 (for those of you travelling!) If you need recommendations on hotel or airbnb accommodations, please email me!

Could this get any better- YES!

After the event, I'll be offering three Momentum Meetup calls (1 per month) via Zoom. If you refer a friend to this event, and she signs up, you get those calls absolutely free as a gift from me.  ($150 value).  Plus, you'd get to experience "Pray + Plan" with a friend!

Refresh. Pray. Plan.

My heart in doing this event is to create a space where we can come alongside one another to pray through and plan around our hybrid mom/biz/ministry lives. 

I know that if you make the time and engage in this experience, you will leave with new hope, new friends and new awareness.  I really hope you can join us

Still have questions?  Feel free to email me or book a quick call. 

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[Spots are limited.]

Save your seat.  Grow with others. Refresh in prayer. Be ready for September!

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