Work Life Rhythm Project 

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So often in life and business, we can get out of rhythm with ourselves, our relationships, our work and schedules.  Things can get real rocky and before we know it, we are way beyond our capacity, treading water, or worse yet shipwrecked ... sacrificing important things.

Want to get back to that place of more freedom, confidence and peace? I can help you! 

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Is this class for me?

Are you growing your family AND your business at the same time? Do you feel like you are pulled in a thousand different directions and always letting someone down?  Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and frazzled? Do you live with a constant, nagging feeling that it's never enough? If you answered "yes" to at least one of those questions, this class is for you.   

What's the class like?

It's fun! In the Work Life Rhythm Project, I walk you through a 3-step process that brings clarity and freedom.  It helps you make prayerful decisions about your roles, your time and your priorities. 

Through 6 weeks of live training and 2 weeks of coaching, you will assess your design, align your time and activate new rhythms.

We meet as a group via Zoom for 1 hour weekly. I do a training each week and facilitate discussion around the components of creating a work life rhythm.  You get printable handouts and about 30 min of homework each week to complete between sessions. You also get two one-hour coaching sessions to help you take action on your new awareness.

Can I invite my friends?

Absolutely!  Part of shifting from frazzled to flow involves doing it in community.  We weren't designed to do life alone. Seats are limited though, so each member can engage comfortably. I cap the groups at 10 people, but for now, there are still spots available for your friends!

What's included?

  • Six one-hour live group classes on Zoom w/handouts ($347 value)
  • One 30 min. onboarding call ($80 value)
  • Two 60 min. coaching calls ($250 value)
  • Personal Clifton Strengths assessment ($20 value)

$697 value for $197!!!


Why the big discount?

This is the first time I've delivered this content in a group class, even though I've used it with great results in my 1:1 coaching!  In exchange for the discount, I'm asking you to:

  • be flexible and adventurous, as creating something can be messy!
  • be all-in with participation (missing only 1 if any - of the Monday night live calls).
  • be willing to offer helpful feedback.
  • be willing to giving a testimonial in text or video about your experience.

What are the dates?


I know you are busy so I've designed the project to  have very little homework and  two cycles of 3 weeks on and 1 week off (for coaching):

  • Monday, Oct 11 - Class 1- LIVE on Zoom
  • Monday, Oct. 18 - Class 2- LIVE on Zoom
  • Monday, Oct. 25 - Class 3- LIVE on Zoom
  • COACHING WEEK: Anytime during week of Nov. 1 schedule your one-on-one coaching session
  • Monday, Nov. 8 - Class 4- LIVE on Zoom
  • Monday, Nov. 15 - Class 5- LIVE on Zoom
  • Monday, Nov. 22 - Class 6- LIVE on Zoom
  • COACHING WEEK: Anytime during week of Nov. 1 schedule your one-on-one coaching session


Are you ready to live differently?

I know it's hard to make the time and space for re-tooling and refreshing in the midst of a full life.  I struggle with the same tension.  Let me encourage you to prayerfully discern your participation in this project.  Ask God if now is the time and the place for you to start living with more freedom, confidence and peace.  If He say's "go for it!", I'd love to come alongside you for this part of the journey.

Seats are limited!

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Save your seat.  Find your flow. Live with more freedom, confidence and peace!

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